Here’s All You Need To Know About Modern-Day Gifting

How would you feel if you received the stocks of Tesla as a birthday present?
Not profoundly touched, I suppose. But here we are; gifts have evolved to become practical and straightforward nowadays.Gone are the days of only flowers and chocolates, people now expect gifts that are long-lasting and add some value to their lives. Nothing against a bunch of red roses, but one will throw them away as they wilt and die in a week.

Now, stocks or something similar is something that will grow in value and increase your wealth as time passes by. Talk about delayed gratification! Receiving a gift like such might not instantly surprise you but there is merit in the thought itself, even if it is a far cry from traditional gifts.

F.Y.I. A Unity Marketing Study concluded that about 55% of gift spending happens outside of the holiday season.

Gifting Then v/s Now
The popularity of commercial gift-giving increased in the 19th century with new holiday traditions being introduced to celebrate various occasions, such as the winter solstice and successful harvests. Various cultures celebrated the month of December simply to enjoy the fruits of their labor.
With time, the focus of the holidays shifted to the celebration of friends, families, and personal relationships, and holidays came to be associated with good cheer and community. This brought more attention to gift exchanges among people. With the rise of the American middle class around the same time, there was more economic leeway for holiday spending.

The enterprise of gift-giving accelerated into commercial success with marketing campaigns around seasonal gifts. Joining the trend, book publishers entered the arena of gifting by selling unique books as “gift books”. With ornate designs and unique presentations, publishers would sweep the share of gift markets back in the day.
Cut to the present, Kanye west gifted his ex-wife Kim Kardashian shares of Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Disney which led to an upward thrust in the market of stock gifts. How romantic!

He isn’t the only one though, in South Korea, it is pretty common for companies to sell stocks as gift cards. Even if it doesn’t seem like a traditionally romantic gift, many people in their 20s and 30s are treating their loved ones to stock gift cards now. Come to think of it, it is thoughtful in its own way, for the gifter is helping the giftee to invest in their future and secure themselves financially. However, this is just the latest trend in the world of gifting, the choices are endless!

Are We Spoilt for Choice ?
With more choices, comes more clarity, said no one ever!

The advent of the Internet in the 2000s enabled people to access worldwide retailers. While the drastic shift to digital commerce was a big blow to brick-and-mortar stores, its ease of it was quickly lapped up by the masses. We barely must make any effort to look for stuff anymore, products find us. Say, you searched for a waffle maker once, and soon after your social networking sites will flash a multitude of options using targeted advertisements.
However, ease of buying isn’t the same as ease of choosing. We still are overwhelmed with choices. Be it a pair of jeans or a kitchen appliance, one will thoroughly research and compare reviews before making a final purchasing decision, especially when we are buying for someone else.

Earlier people had to browse through a catalog and wait weeks for products to come. But now, the choices we have available are unprecedented and the delivery periods are getting shorter. Products from around the world are available to us with a simple click on the keyboard. The question then arises is differentiation, how do we stand out with a gift?
Modern Day Gifting Options…

Here’s in sneak peek into the modern way of gifting:
As gifting became a social custom and a commercial affair, it naturally pushed retailers to distinguish themselves from others with the customization. As for the gifters, personalization became a way to differentiate oneself from others partly due to the competitive human desire we possess.

In a world of industrialized and store-bought gifts, handmade gifts still retain their charm. You could receive a branded perfume or a bag, but the cards and gifts that are messily put together for you by your children will always hold a special place.
The purpose of customization is not just to make a gift item unique rather it should speak of the giftee or the relationship shared by two people. For example, a music box, that would play a special song or the picture of a constellation marking the date you met a special someone (this is a winner!).

Earlier most products were handmade due to the lack of manufacturing technology rather than any sentimentality. Now, that we are surrounded by an abundance of technology, we appreciate a personalized touch to our gifts.
And of course, the advancement of photography technology provides several possibilities for personalization. From pillows and cakes to mugs and blankets, images can be printed anywhere now. The fact that someone cared enough to remember a sentimental moment and included that in a gift is indeed very sweet, but most people stick to conventional gifting norms.

The Allure of Gold

Speaking of gifting norms, gifting gold is a longstanding custom in Indian culture. While gold jewelry is passed down generations as a family heirloom, it is also considered a safe investment.
Being that as may, the consumption of gold has declined because of the millennial generation who prefer spending on other luxury alternatives. Nevertheless, the allure of gold for Indians remains the same, since it serves the dual purpose of being an adornment as well as a safety net. Gold is as much for your wrist as it is for a rainy day.

Sending a gold ring to someone you love is still special in all parts of the world. Think of adding a diamond on it, and you are all set to get some awwwwwwsss.

Time to use the charm of gold!

Gift Registry
There is a way to keep up with the societal tradition of gifting as well as make sure people like their gifts. Letting them choose is the way to go. Therefore, couples go for a wedding registry, where they choose the desired items from a merchant’s store and the wedding guests can then purchase the items for them.

Isn’t that the most practical way to go about gifting?

It saves the giver time and prevents expenditure on duplicates or unwanted gifts. The concept of registering for gifts has been so popular, that now there are various specialized versions like baby registry, honeymoon registry, house registry, etc.

But what about the occasions when there is no option to register gifts?
Gift Vouchers, E-Cards, and Links
If you have ever tried to coordinate a large group of friends to contribute to giving a birthday or wedding gift, you know that a gift link is a savior. Much like a school project, the pressure to decide on a gift usually comes down to one person when people are intent on giving a group gift. Eventually, after a hundred WhatsApp messages and gift conversations going in circles, you end up buying an online voucher, gift card, or gift link.

And why not?

The act of buying the-perfect-gift could put a dent in your savings. Many people tend to go overboard with gifting and surpass their budget. More so, since presents are no longer reserved for holidays or special occasions anymore.
We can send gifts to people sitting in other countries or buy them online vouchers or gift e-cards from a shopping website, their favorite restaurant, or a bookstore, among other things. The goal of gifting remains the same, that is to extend gratitude and care to those we love. What better way to ensure that, than letting them treat themselves?

Gift links are an easy way to show people that you’re thinking of them and would like to pamper them. Additionally, this gifting option provides a lot of flexibility for the recipient too. They can redeem it whenever they want to, at their convenience. Plus, it also saves the gifter time and labor to look for the perfect gift.

A Unique Gifting Concept: Mojoly
Mojoly is the modern-day gifting solution! Using Mojoly’s service, you can generate a unique link URL. You must enter the receiver’s email ID, phone number, and your chosen amount for gifts. Once they receive this link, recipients can use their spendable balance by buying any item(s) from a vast (read enormous) collection of over 200 million products. Plus, they won’t even see the chosen amount, just products within that price.

There is something for everyone! From clothing, sports accessories, and home goods to electronics and party supplies, Mojoly will meet all your gifting needs. This way, the recipient can actually purchase what they desire, rather than having to politely accept a bedsheet whose design they hate. So, gift your loved ones the link to self-care and indulgence. You can’t go wrong with Mojoly!

It could be stock or not, but in the end, everyone wants to send gifts that the receiver would love. So why not try the new way. Food for though, huh?

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