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Mojoly – It started as a simple idea; What if you could let your family and friends buy a gift(s) they like?.
with out knowing how much money you spent.

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A thousand miles from the traditional gifting model. Decission making made easy, Send spendable balance to family & friends for any occasion and let them buy what they like or need, with out knowing the amount you sent.
No more worries thinking, did your family like the gift item or is it usefull or do they have similar one already or not feeling guilty if they might think it is lesser value than they expected.

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And the most interesting thing is they would not know how much you have spent

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No matter the occasion, Mojoly makes the decission making easy
Balance never
200 Million High-Quality
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Mojoly- No price, Only Surprise. is an all-in-one Gifting Platform for every occasion out in the world. We created a platform for billions of users around the world to send spendable balance to their friends or family for any occasion and let them choose and purchase the gift or product they actually need.

Founder story

As companies started in garage like Google, Disney, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Dell and many more, Got the idea of Mojoly when my wife was talking to her family and friends what is a suitable gift and amount she need to spend for upcoming close friends birthday and she spend 1 hour and unable to figure it out, I was listening all this discussions from my garage and came up with idea of Mojoly, addressing all the pain points created a simple platform for my wife and all family and friends to make faster decision in gifting process.
Mojoly was designed as an alternative to the oversized, expensive gifting process and simplifying the gifting process with no bells and whistles. It gave family and friends a platform and access to technology that empowered them and helped them make easy decisions.


Mojoly strives to create a culture that empowers a humble, creative, and independent workforce. We are passionate about our employees Take out small business customers and believe that collaboration and creativity are powerful tools to help them make their dreams a reality.

We love how each new hire adds to our culture. And, we’re hiring. We believe that what makes us different makes us stronger. Building a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization is good for our teams, our customers, and our community. We empower each other to bring unique perspectives and experiences to work, and we continually seek new ways to do so. We help our team members thrive in the Mojoly of today and support them in building the Mojoly of tomorrow. We do this in a number of ways—through leadership development programs, learning resources, and enriching experiences both in and out of the office. With these resources, we work to establish a foundation of consistency and equity to build on so we can continue to adapt, experiment, embrace failure, and create value. 

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Did You Know?

96% of peoples confused on gift items to send or the gift amount needed to send.

90% of people agree there should be a way to send gift without disclosing the price

95% fear the item not being used or feeling item underpriced and below their expectations

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